Disney live-action reboots are the rage lately. There is certainly something thrilling about classic fairytale stories that we have all developed with being created into live-action remakes that always star our favorite actors. People generally have extremely strong views on Disney reboots, whereas some social people love them while others believe these animated classics are too perfect to be touched. Of your stance Regardless, it is always interesting to consider the variations and similarities between the original Disney versions and the Hollywood reboots. It does make us wonder, what are the biggest distinctions between the original Beauty and The Beast and the live-action remake? Be our guest, and find out!

Although every one of the classics that we have become up with remain in the live-action remake such as “Belle” and “Tale as old as time”, there are always a couple of original new tunes added in to the 2017 film. In the original animated film, Gaston’s faithful sidekick is only an instrument used for comic comfort.

There isn’t too much to his character and he is “cartoonish” at best (which totally makes sense), yet in the remake, there is much more weight to Lefou. Played by Josh Gad, there are several hints throughout the 2017 version that he could be in love with Gaston. This is practical as to the reasons he could be so blindly devoted to him despite Lefou’s good nature. At the final end of the film, we see Lefou dance with a man with a look of longing in his eyes, proving there is certainly more to the dopey sidekick we all know from the initial film.

In the 2017 version, he’s got a huge heart and a fairytale closing that people didn’t even know he needed. Although Gaston gets the same motives and outfit in the remake as he will in the original, this new version of Gaston seems much more watered down and dry set alongside the Disney version. Of course, as expected, Disney cartoons deliver the most “animated” characters you can possibly get, but why they choose not to keep this animation in the live-action film is beyond us.

In the initial, Gaston’s self-absorbed character and exaggerated carelessness are what make him so interesting as a personality. Of whether or not we like the man Irrespective, there is absolutely no denying his humorous charm. Unfortunately, live-action Gaston seems more like a story device than the type of eccentric villain that animated Disney movies are so easily known for creating.

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It felt as though they could have had a lot more fun along with his character, yet unfortunately, this is not the case. In the original Disney film, Belle is known in her provincial town as an outcast and lone wolf. In the remake, we see Emma Watson’s Belle teaching an area young young lady how to learn that allows her to be less isolated within her town. During this time period, it was frowned upon for girls to read since it means they’d start “getting ideas and thinking” (at least regarding to Gaston). This scene as Belle teaches the young gal to learn seems rather personal to the real-life Emma Watson, who is known for advocating reading specifically to women.

Perhaps Watson came up with the idea to add this in the film? All we can say is that Hermione would be very pleased. Ten factors to Gryffindor! In the live-action version of the film, rather than resting on her behalf bed and weeping once she actually is kidnapped, Belle attempts to take action and get her hands dirty. Despite the fact that her dad is often laughed at for his “Crazy inventions,” it has taught Belle a lot about how to be creative with her surroundings.

This is how she arises with the DIY rope invention that she programs on using to escape through the screen of her tower. This step makes her seem a lot less just like a typical Disney princess and a lot more just like a heroine who works hard for what she desires. In the original film, The Beast will be cursed in which to stay his beastly form for the others of his life unless he discovers true love prior to the last rose petal falls. In the reboot, the circumstances are even darker and more intense if he does not find you to definitely fall deeply in love with him.