The BOT Libre Chat Bot Web API

You should utilize the online API to access your bot from your personal webpage by means of JavaScript, PHP or some other language. You can too use the web API to create your own mobile software to entry your bot, comparable to an Android or iOS software. A web API, is a set of HTTP GET/Post URI’s that permit sending and receiving of message data. Whenever you browse a web site, your browser makes a collection of HTTP GET/Post requests to URIs that return HTML content. In an online service the URIs return XML or JSON knowledge, as an alternative of HTML content material.

The BOT libre web API supplies two Rest APIs in one. The first is a set of HTTP GET URIs that take Form knowledge, and return XML knowledge. The second set of API’s take HTTP Post XML information, and return XML data. Most functions would use the XML Post API, but some utility may choose to make use of the Form GET API due to its simplicity.

The APIs are an identical apart from their mechanism. The form-chat API receives a chat message and returns the chat bot’s reply as an XML doc. Optional: The applying ID. If not handed, the appliance might be nameless. REQUIRED: The ID of the bot to speak with. The bot’s title can also be used, however the ID is healthier as it’s assured to be distinctive. Optional: The ID of the user who’s sending the message. The person have to be registered with BOT libre.

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If not passed the consumer might be nameless. The consumer is required if the bot is personal. The consumer/password are solely required on the first message. Optional: The password of the user who is sending the message. A token can be used. Optional: The token of the user who’s sending the message. A token may be obtained by way of examine-person, and is valid until reset.

Optional: The dialog ID for the present conversation. This should not be passed on the primary message, but will be returned by the response, and needs to be used for all subsequent messages in the dialog. Optional: The chat message to send to the bot. The message can be omitted if you want the bot to begin the dialog (if the bot has a greeting set).

The message must be encoded in the URI. Optional: A emotion to tag the message with. This is certainly one of LOVE, LIKE, DISLIKE, HATE, RAGE, ANGER, CALM, SERENE, ECSTATIC, Happy, Sad, CRYING, PANIC, AFRAID, Confident, COURAGEOUS, Surprise, BORED, LAUGHTER, Serious. Optional: A boolean that defines the chat message is a correction to the bot’s final reply. Optional: A boolean that defines the bot’s final reply as offensive. The message can be flagged for the bot’s administrator to review. Optional: A boolean that defines the end of the dialog.

QuestionOPTIONAL: A boolean that indicates the query should be included within the response. A chatter robotic, chatterbot, chatbot, or chat bot is a computer program designed to simulate an clever conversation with a number of human users via auditory or textual methods, primarily for partaking in small speak. The kind-examine-instance API validates that a bot ID or name exists, and returns the bot’s particulars.

Optional: The application ID. If not passed, the application shall be anonymous. REQUIRED: The ID of the bot to validate. The bot’s identify can also be used, but the ID is best as it is guaranteed to be unique. REQUIRED: The nameof the bot to validate. The bot’s ID can also be used. Optional: The ID of the user. The consumer must be registered with BOT libre.

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