Emanuel Ups Chicago’s Insane Spending On Tourism Dollars

The Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority has recently maxed out its current credit card through its costly plans to develop a new arena and hotel next to the McCormick Place convention center. 743 million for the building of the museum. Emanuel says Lucas’ donation will cover bond payments for the first 15 years. Permanently increasing five previously increased taxes on things such as hotels and state subsidy obligations to the convention authority will cover the remaining costs. The 45-12 months old McCormick Place East building is explained by city officials as an “old building” that has become an “architectural concern” sitting down on the lakefront.

225 million in maintenance over another 15 years. Of course, those estimated costs much go beyond the original building costs of the building. “That is a win, win, win,” Mayor Emanuel told the Sun-Times. “You get about 12 acres of open upland you never had before. You have the biggest convention floor space continuous in the global world, that will allow Chicago to contend and win against Las and Orlando Vegas.

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The Guest House has been an idea carefully considered and planned for years now. The Ashanti Region is believed to be the cultural hub of Ghana and therefore attracts a lot of tourists in the course of the year. The Guest House will be strategically located in the center of Ashanti. When construction is completed, it shall have the potential of 22-bed rooms for a while. Creating a “home away from home” which is often more beautiful by creating a person led services will ensure many returned customers. The riches of Ashanti have attracted a significant variety of visitors into the Region always.

In addition to providing information about such locations, we intend to collaborate with tour firms and businesses throughout the region by offering packages and special rates. As the Guest House has become established, we plan to expand our services by providing space for formal or informal gatherings (i.e. wedding receptions, office celebrations, Christmas celebrations, etc.). Cashew Guest House (CGH) is designed to start with the next: 10 normal Size rooms, 8 dual Size rooms, and 4 smaller Size rooms with students-size mattresses all on short-term basis. Hotels/motels constitute the largest percentage of rental properties in the region. A modest projection for increased device rental is 30% per yr to increase 50% after three years when the service hits full capacity.

This projection is without any significant upsurge in advertising or exposure but is based on the overall average increase in tourism. Our two major customer segments are travelers from Europe and USA, who traditionally prefer the cozy forest environment with traditional and ethnic touch, and local customers who need the facilities for various events.

Subscriptions to various Web services will provide international contact with potential customers for nominal annual fees. 200,000 – 650,000 USD via 20% equity and 80% give and personal debt. 12,000 for operating expenses. 3,283 for interest payments). Off-season and Peak will have significant impact on the regular income. Year For the first, in-season profits shall offset off-season losses. As Cashew Guest House builds its market position among the local patrons, we anticipate that off-season revenues will be enough to break even during that season. 3. Increase publicity and market using Internet technology and immediate advertising to the complete country. 4. Through incentives and increased exposure on the web, we desire increase off­season occupancy by 30% the first year.

5. Increase off-season use by divesting into other uses for the property (cater parties, receptions, weddings, etc.). The mission of Cashew Guest House is to end up being the best choice in temporary lodging by providing quality dedicated services to customers. We plan to be more when compared to a great breakfast and bed. We intend to create a world of friendliness that surpasses the standard. Tourists shall want to explore the riches of Ashanti Region like the Manhyia Palace, Bonwire Kente, Obuasi Gold Mines etc, natural lake of Bosomtwi, the weekly funerals, and the 40 times “Akwasi day celebrations”. · A free of charge music CD for every room that the guest may keep (copies contained in the packet).

· A comprehensive video and sound library for visitor use. · CD stereo system systems and VCRs in each room. · A variety of continental and local dishes. · Daily fresh-baked bread and other pastries with tea. · Links to other businesses and services in the region. · Position Cashew Guest House as the best & most attractive Guest House to Tourist in your community. · Build strong market position among the local patrons.

· Maintain audio financial management of the business. Cashew Guest House is a business concept to be founded as a restricted liability Company under the Companies’ code of Ghana. After constructions and a brief period of becoming established, the Guest House will diverse into other ventures to ensure a reliable flow of patrons (travelers and locals) through its doors.

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