Safe’ UV Light May Prevent Infections In Catheters, Cardiac Drivelines

Infections from skin-penetrating medical devices, including catheters and drivelines for placed ventricular assist devices (LVADs), are a major health threat. For instance, around 14 to 28 percent of patients with an LVAD builds up a driveline skin infection, leading to problems that limit their use as a long-term remedy for heart failure patients.

The most serious of these infections are induced by the drug-resistant bacteria MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). At a previous mouse study, Brenner and his Columbia team exhibited that a thin spectral range of far-UVC light, with a wavelength of 207 to 224 nanometers (nm), can kill MRSA acne bacteria without damaging real human skin. Conventional germicidal UV light, with a wavelength of 254 nm, is effective at killing bacteria also, but it can’t be used in health-care options around people because it can harm your skin and eye.

Far-UVC light is safe for people since it can’t penetrate the outer part of dead pores and skin or the rip layer of the attention, but it’s deadly for bacteria, which are much smaller and much easier to penetrate. The existing study was made to test whether far-UVC light that is sent along a tiny fiber could be utilized to disinfect sophisticated tissue shapes, such as the certain area where a catheter or a driveline gets into the skin. The Columbia team developed a fresh way to deliver the light, by using a laser to send 224 nm far-UVC lights via a thin flexible optical fiber.

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In this study, the fibers were laid instantly over tissue civilizations containing MRSA acne bacteria, which were killed by the far-UVC light diffusing out of the fibers efficiently. Studies to determine if the technology can prevent infections around skin-penetrating lines in animal models are currently underway. The study was performed on bacteria in laboratory cells ethnicities, not on living animals or human patients. In addition, the technology to make the equipment easily lightweight and affordable is under development.

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