If your organization hires both paid and volunteers for their projects, you must follow these tricks for better HR and Volunteers safety management. This will help you in the chance-management activities related to your staff. The first & most important part of risk management is that, you should know the grade of your paid workers and volunteers.

You must have a whole record of your workers according to their capabilities and their role in the organization. Make it sure you have a whole job explanation for your paid workers in written form. This working job explanation must contain the information and regular position of your worker. Volunteer’s duties and role should be defined according to agreement. Any incentive is stated with a volunteer can’t relating to common contracts. In case your employee wants to be a volunteer this agreement has a great importance then, since it creates a real distinction between its employment and volunteer services. According to the agreement the person’s volunteer services will be totally separate from his/ her employment services.

Your employee will give you a complete guarantee that his/her volunteer services will not influence his/ her employment. Online certificate in risk management provides extensive information for managing risks related to staff. When documenting the procedures for employees and volunteers, write the insurance policies in a single handbook or manual don’t. Some organizations document such policies within a manual which is unsafe and unprofessional.

A worker handbook should be prepared and designated to employees only. Another handbook of volunteers shall contain volunteer’s plans and will be distributed to volunteers only. While developing policies keep in mind that there should be minimum overlap of both policies, plans related to security especially. For those volunteers who are paid employees too, must be enlisted in both handbooks and they should be supervised according to their relevant services.

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Keep a complete record of working hours of your paid employees and their working hours as a volunteer. Never disregard this because a worker who’s working as a volunteer too after its regular working time can declare for the working hours as a volunteer. So it’s the employer responsibility to have a complete record of such employees. Always keep in mind that your settlement practices are according to Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA). So never compensate your non-exempt employees against the regulations and rules of FLSA.

Sometimes exempt workers to work beyond their working hour but these working hours aren’t regarded as non-exempt working hour for your company, but these working hours are considered as overtime for your worker. So be clear about the exempt working hours and non-exempt working hours of your employees. If some of your workers are seeking to our volunteer in extra-time, induct them through an effective channel, created for volunteer enrolment.