To say I spend additional time than I probably should obsess over idols’ hair colors and skincare routines would be… accurate. Will there be really anything more thrilling than having your favorite idols try a new shade on the hair? While some of them prefer to keep it simple and go for just a few colors throughout their profession, others go all in and supply the masses using what they’re craving: the full-color wheel.

BTS’s Jimin would be a part of the latter. Are we going to discuss the prince vibes Jimin exudes when his locks go silver? And I’m not talking blue prince vibes here, but rather I’m-the-cool-prince-you’ve-been-waiting-for vibes. A look we’re all secretly looking forward to to produce a comeback. This is undoubtedly one of the very most iconic shades Jimin has ever had. It’s one for the books definitely, and an eternal flashback to the “Dope” days. His powerful moves combined with his soft tone of voice and scarlet locks definitely stole everyone’s attention whenever Jimin was on stage. It’s kinda surprising he tried this color for the first time just a few months ago.

It’s just such a Jimin color, am I right? But the important thing is he doing, and we’re blessed to have been able to see it. Plus, with purple being BTS’s color, this shade is not only a great fit for his skin tone, but a proof of his love for the army also.

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Not going to say that I’m one of those people who’s always anticipating Jimin to go back to dark, but that’s precisely what I’m stating. While he can accomplish any and every tone from the color wheel, there’s something about Jimin’s insanely cute yet powerful duality that seems to be improved when his locks goes black. His pale skin and expressive eyes seem to get even more extreme whenever his hair embraces its natural pigment, and we’re here for this. iconic one here too. Jimin’s pink hair is a favorite for many people, and we understand why definitely.

He’s announced himself that red is one of his favorites too, so that it wouldn’t be odd if we see him tugging off a bubble gum shade again soon. This is exactly what I like to call a versatile tone. From some perspectives it looks blue, from others more like an intense faded green, and even just platinum sometimes.

The way his locks were dyed here gave us an infinite amount of videos where Jimin appears to be showcasing one coloraturas first and then another one the very next second. It’s definitely a great tone we hope soon we can easily see more of. This shade surprised many people the very first time it was seen by them, but isn’t it just ideal for Jimin?

Besides “Run” era as an icon itself, Jimin’s locks during it looked just perfect and became an icon too, though it lasted only a couple months even. While he hasn’t tried it again, we’re positive at some true point we’ll be able to enjoy this playful shade afresh. Just WOW. This one is considered to be one of the mass’s favorites because of how Jimin surely got to play with it.

During “Blood Sweat & Tears” era, Jimin’s platinum hair was often accompanied by colored contacts, eyeliner, and elegant looks. A couple of years later, he visited it for “DNA back,” but this time rocking wavy, messy-hair-I-don’t-care vibes, and colorful outfits. A true multi-faceted shade for a multi-talented man. Simple, yet such a great fit. Due to his eyes and pores and skin, Jimin pulls off brown hair like no other.