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What are the web income, expenses, gross revenue, and net income for this one-fourth, year? This month and what’s the outstanding pending payment What is the sales amount? Who is the vendor to be contacted to purchase products? Today How many products are manufactured in each production unit, weekly, regular monthly?

How many products have been bought from each area today, every week, monthly? How many products have been faulty today, weekly, regular, quarterly, yearly? Are the customers satisfied with the quality? These business intelligence questions are related with why, what, how, when, and business cleverness reports(oral reports) are of help in providing solutions to the above questions by means of reporting, score cards, balance score cards that are helpful in managerial decisions.

Business Intelligence Tools helps gather, store, access, and analyze corporate and business data to aid in decision-making. Generally these systems will illustrate business intelligence in the areas of customer profiling, customer support, general market trends, market segmentation, product profitability, statistical analysis, distribution, and inventory analysis. Since the collected data can be sliced across all the dimensions like time almost, location, product, promotion etc. valuable figures like sales income in one region for the current season can be calculated and weighed against the previous calendar year figures. OLAP, an acronym for Online Analytical Processing is an approach that helps business to take benefits of DATA.

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Popular OLAP tools are Cognos, Business Objects, Micro Strategy etc. OLAP cubes supply the insight into data and helps the topmost executives of a business to take decisions within an efficient manner. Technically OLAP cube allows one to evaluate data across multiple proportions by giving multidimensional view of aggregated, grouped data.

With OLAP reports, the major categories like fiscal periods, sales region, products, worker, promotion related to the product can be ANALYZED very efficiently and responsively effectively. ROLAP means Relational Online Analytical Processes that delivers multidimensional analysis of data, stored in a Relational database(RDBMS). MOLAP(Multidimensional OLAP) provides the analysis of data stored in a multi-dimensional data cube.

HOLAP(Hybrid OLAP) a mixture of both ROLAP and MOLAP can offer multidimensional analysis concurrently of data stored in a multidimensional database and in a relational database(RDBMS). DOLAP (Desktop OLAP or Database OLAP) provide multidimensional evaluation locally in your client machine on the info collected from relational or multidimensional database servers. 1. Quantity of products manufactured.

2. Variety of products manufactured in a spot. 3. Number of products manufactured promptly basis within a spot. 4. Year when compared to the previous year Number of products manufactured in the current. 5. Sales Dollar value for a particular product. 6. Sales Dollar value for something in a location. 7. Sales Dollar value for something in a yr within a location. 8. Sales Dollar value for a product in a 12 months within a spot sold or serviced by a worker.

In the above mentioned example of OLAP analysis, data can be diced and chopped up, drilled and drilled down for various hierarchies like time dimensions up, location dimensions, product dimensions, and organization aspect. This would provide the topmost executives to have a decision about the product performance in a location/time/business. In OLAP reviews, Trend evaluation can be made by evaluating the sales value of a specific product over several years or quarters. This is a type of database that is optimized for data warehouse, data mart and online analytical handling (OLAP) applications.

The main benefit of this data source is query performance. Relational databases make it easy to utilize individual information, whereas multidimensional directories are designed for analyzing large groups of records. Relational database is typically reached using a Structured Query Language (SQL) query. A multidimensional data source allows a consumer to ask questions like “Just how many mortgages have been bought from New Jersey city” and “How many bank cards have been purchased in a specific county?”.