A couple of days later it was exposed that Lubitz’s air travel training had been interrupted for several months credited to mental medical issues. It’s not completely clear what these issues were, but several German resources cited depression being the reason behind the interruption. These revelations provoked lurid headlines over the British press. The front page of the right-wing Daily Mail screeched “Why on the planet was he allowed to soar” and the pro-Labour tabloid The Daily Mirror also boldly linked the actions of the killer with his depression on their front web page. The tabloid press weren’t the only ones either, the days and the Telegraph both also ran the killer was depressive theme on the front web pages too.

The simple truth is that we now have millions of people out there who’ve suffered melancholy. Amongst them are countless people who have high responsibility careers. Pilots, train motorists, bus drivers, energy tanker drivers, nuclear power place workers, air traffic controllers, designers, providers of dangerous equipment, firemen, policemen, armed service personnel, and health professionals. I am one of the tens of millions of individuals with a past history of suffering severe depression.

In fact depressive disorder is the reason that is the first article I’ve posted on my blog in over per month. I’m currently fighting personal circumstances that are beyond my control, departing me with no choice but to figure out which of the highly unfavorable options before me is minimal bad. Because of facing such an appalling decision I’ve slipped into an extended unhappiness. Simply having experienced unhappiness isn’t enough to turn a person into a mass murderer.

Address Lubitz may well have experienced from depression, however the premeditated decision to murder 144 passengers and 5 work co-workers, for whatever reason, are obviously the actions of a psychopath without the capacity to feel basic individual empathy. Andreas Lubitz’s ex-girlfriend stated that he wiped out all of those people in order to “make people remember him”. Without a suicide note it’s impossible to know for sure that was his intention, but if it was, then this shows that he wasn’t actually that significantly depressed at all. People who have severe depression tend to try to reduce their suffering through medication, withdrawal, distraction, therapy, alcoholic beverages, drug use, or even suicide.

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They’re usually far too busy using their (often highly inadequate) coping mechanisms to spend their time fantasizing about how exactly they might make themselves infamous and calmly planning works of mass murder. Another Angry Voice is a “Pay As You Feel” website. You could have access to all of my work free of charge, or you can pick to make a little donation to help me keep writing. The choice is entirely yours.

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