Small Business And Empirical Perspectives RUNNING A BUSINESS Ethics: Editorial

In this editorial to an accumulation of papers on ethics in small companies, the case is made for better use of high quality empirical research on business ethics. Sociological perspectives have much to provide to the field of business ethics that continues to be dominated by normative, moral philosophy. The second contribution of the paper is to claim for a re-orientation away from the large multi-national company as a benchmark subject matter of business ethics research. One important point of view to be included is that of the tiny firm, which remains the dominating organizational form throughout all the OECD countries.

Continental Travel Group at Harvard can save the client money and time and help to ensure that they are satisfied with their vacation. One notable development in the travel industry is increased deregulation. Deregulation has increased competition and the need for differentiation. In many cases, the prices of airfare and other travel-related services have lowered.

Additional tendencies include caps on agency commissions by many of the larger airlines, boosts in experience travel, and reduced amount of income. The travel industry keeps growing. Known reasons for this growth include a healthy domestic economy and the increased value of the Aussie has made travel more appealing for Australian residents.

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In the following four sections will be the most relevant issues to Continental Travel Group at Harvard’s and because of its successful procedure. Harvard’s strengths include its management, experienced staff, marketing experience, and targeted focus. Harvard will capitalize on these and other advantages, to take advantage of opportunities and deal with threats. Firm weaknesses are those inherent in a start-up venture primarily.

· MANAGEMENT: Harvard’s supervisor has a successful record in this industry. His experience and the network of valuable cable connections he is rolling out will contribute greatly to Harvard’s success. · LOCATION: Harvard branch is ideally located. · EXPERIENCED STAFF: The Harvard team has experience in the travel business. Most older people have over five years experience. · START-UP STATUS: Harvard is a start-up business in the area. · INTERNET AND PRICE COMPETITION: When the airlines were deregulated, price competition increased.

Further, the web has provided a sales medium for consolidators who compete on price and in addition has given consumers the ability to plan and organise journeys for themselves. Thus, the original agency faces greater competition. · ECONOMIC DEPRESSION: The strong home economy has been best for the travel and tourism industry.

Continued development is expected. However, unforeseen or unanticipated financial tough economy would reduce disposable income and threaten Harvard’s sales. Competition in the Travel Industry in Harvard has increased within the last five years in line with the broader environment. This includes the presence of major players such as Harvey Jetset and World, as well as a variety of smaller independent rivals who have recently opened in the new Harvard Park Shopping Center.

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