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I was at first downgraded as of this hotel. I needed reserved a collection because the speed was good, and I used to be staying three evenings. I wrote in my remarks that if I could be improved to a Jacuzzi suite, that would be great. WHILE I checked in, I used to be informed by the agent I had been upgraded to a Jacuzzi room, and I said great. I asked him if this was also a one-bedroom collection, like I needed to be reserved, and he said yes. I received two bottles of water as well.

When I got to my room, it appeared as if a regular size accommodation with a tub in the sleeping area–there was no living room. I viewed the available room diagram on the trunk of the entranceway and noticed that the area I had been in was a regular size room indeed, which the suites were bigger rooms. I returned to leading desk, and the agent explained that we now have no Jacuzzi tubs in the suites; only in the resort rooms.

He said they will be the same size rooms in any case. I told him I had fashioned paid and reserved for a suite, so I instead wanted a suite. After looking using the pc, he was able to give me a handicap suite, which was much bigger than the first accommodation I have been in!

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When I looked at the resort rooms more carefully online after getting settled in my room, I saw that the hotel rents a standard room, Jacuzzi room, and suite–with pricing from low to high, for the reason that order. So, the hotel was actually “upgrading” me to a lesser-priced room, which I had been told was the same size as a suite. I’m glad I used to be paying attention that day!

There had not been an actual door separating the bedroom from the living area, although there is a brief hall with the bathroom between your two rooms. I wish there have been a bedroom door because the guestroom doors in the hallway slammed loudly, if the guest did not decrease the hinged door down when getting into or exiting an area. I thought the hallway noise was very distracting and annoying.

There was a couch and soft seat in the living room and a desk and seat. I did so not think the couch was comfortable, although the Sleep Number bed was great. We’d dinner in the restaurant one night time and didn’t end up spending money on one of the meals because they were not prepared right.

My medium steak was served tough and did well. I had formed already eaten my salad and did not feel confident that a second steak would be any better, so I just back again sent the steak. My husband’s burger was also overcooked; however, we decided to discuss it since we were hungry and didn’t feel like going out that night time.

The menu prices and options on the menu in the guestroom did not match the menu in the dining room. Our server told us the room selections were supposed to have been replaced. The service was acceptable and nothing more. The business center was an average HGI center with “on demand” printing available and miscellaneous office supplies. The gym contained several working cardio machines. There was a TV, although the remote was missing both times that I used the center.

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