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My bread baking skills were slow to evolve. Being a Pratt County 4-Her, I was lucky if my yeast bread entry earned a red ribbon. And, day back in my, 4-H judges didn’t brain offering white ribbons either. I acquired my share of those in the yeast loaf of bread section certainly.

I learned more as the 4-H mother or father than I did as the 4-Her. When Jill and her friend, Holly, got thinking about yeast breads, my own education began in earnest. Pretzels provided their first foray in to the global world of candida breads. They gave a demonstration called Fit TO BECOME Tied for county 4-H club day and an enterprise was created. Their purple-ribbon talk earned them the to supply the demonstration at regional club days with the Kansas State Fair.

Then they sold pretzels – hundreds of them – at Stafford’s Oktoberfest. It was a learning experience for all those – for Holly and Jill and for me and Tami, Holly’s mom. The year after the pretzel demonstration, they decided to try their hand at shaping yeast dough into rolls and gave another talked called Shape Up! Holly learned the more complicated rosettes and twisted braids.

Jill and I were better at crescent rolls. We showed how to make cloverleaf, crescent, Rosette and Parkerhouse rolls. We made somewhere in a nearby of 864 homemade dinner rolls while we practiced for county and regional club days, made rolls for our families and prepared entries for the county fair.

That’s a great deal of rolls. But all of us – the 4-Hers As well as the moms – improved at yeast bread baking. That which was the secret? Practice. In the event that you only bake yeast loaf of bread one per year for the region good, you’re not heading to become a grasp at it. I’m still not a get good at at it, but I have become my family’s bread baker for the holidays.

I still prefer making crescent rolls, and I have some step-by-step photos to help you conquer concern with fungus roll shaping, plus other links for quality recipes and videos. Because of preferences for some of the extended family, I make some white rolls (and that is what is pictured in the step-by-step photos).

But for better nutrition, use at least half whole wheat grains. You can use hard red winter wheat flour. Now there is also white winter wheat flour available, which is often more desirable to white loaf of bread followers. A little investment of commitment will have your holiday guests within the (crescent) moon when you serve them homemade rolls. In a large bowl, dissolve yeast in tepid to warm water. Add dry dairy, honey, salt and margarine. Stir well. Using a heavy-duty stand mixing machine, beat in whole wheat flour until well combined.

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Let the batter rest for five minutes to allow the whole wheat flour to soak up moisture. If you do this, you won’t have to include as much additional flour and you’ll have a lighter dough, so just a little endurance is warranted here! Add 3 cups of all-purpose flour and use a dough hook on the mixer to include the flour.

After it has been mixing for awhile, add additional flour, just a little at the right time, until the dough starts to pull from the sides of the mixing bowl away. Using the dough hook, knead the dough mechanically for 4 to 7 minutes. Turn out onto very lightly floured surface and knead for only a few more minutes until smooth and elastic.

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