Busting BOTH Myths Of Low-Code Platforms

Not everyone is up to speed with low-code development systems, even though they may be a key part of a strategy to accelerate app delivery. Why do many pro programmers shun low-code? These are reasonable concerns but poor reasons to reject low-code platforms. Let’s unpack these misconceptions. Many low-code platforms support multiple consumer interfaces and complex variations of business applications.

You can prototype and build your applications to fit modern requirements and then develop them to meet constantly changing customer demands. And you can do all of this faster than you can yourself coding. Check out VANTIQ’s Google’s and system AutoML. Specialized platforms like they are emerging to tackle new domains, including IoT and machine learning. Low-code vendors focused on scale and complexity can support the scale of mission-critical application requirements, as evidenced by firsthand accounts from designers who use these platforms.

For example, one designer built a credit card applicatoin that routes 1.5 million orders per day. Another developed a full ERP for gas-field management. Carefully designed software architecture is paramount to scalability, whether you are building on a low-code platform or not. Success depends on accordingly calibrating your scaling needs. If your goal is to put together your own platform, then low-code is not the right tool for you. But low-code platforms do incorporate used open source components widely, including Spring, React, Angular, and Cloud Foundry. And most provide many different deployment options, including Docker and Kubernetes. Low-code development platforms are also strong at integrating functions and data drawn from internet services, as well as old systems like the SAP and Oracle ERPs.

Mileage can vary greatly depending on platform. The foundations of low-code platforms make them more flexible than most would expect. Not only can you deliver software more quickly, but you can iterate at a faster pace also. The future of low-code depends upon vendors evolving their platforms and adding new, powerful features to keep pace with development needs – and the best vendors have strong track records on both counts. Despite our misconception busting, low-code systems have their weaknesses and advantages, like all development platforms. The key is discovering the right platform for your needs, including serious due diligence on individual products. We’re interested in hearing your thoughts below.

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