Communication Requirements Of Different Audiences

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Explain why different communication methods are found in the business environment. Effective communication is essential to the smooth running of a business and various ways of communication are used within a business environment to do this. Each form has various advantages to connect effectively to their specified target audience. When communication is carried out properly it means the sender and receiver both properly obtain the same information.

Whereas if an organization wants to send out a monthly newsletter, this wouldn’t need to be as personal as a face to face, maybe it’s carried out over email. Therefore this wouldn’t mean an employee would have to take time out of work and the text messages can be sent on a large scale without taking enough time to process.

Describe the communication requirements of different viewers. Communication styles need to be adjusted and adapted depending on the target audience and situation. This is dependant on considering which means of communication is most effective whether verbal or written. The various requirements that may need to be catered for include age, ethnicity and gender and special needs.

For example, young people have shorts attention spans, while the elderly are more patient and are able to sit for longer period of time. Another example is making the visual communication more accessible such as large fonts for partially sighted people. When preparing verbal presentations people with special needs is highly recommended, such as people who lip read, to allow them to be positioned appropriately in the room. People who have mobility problems such as wheelchair users may require wide aisles for quick access. If arranging group activities you’ll be necessary to consider the group of individuals so that a special needs member can cooperate. Explain the importance of using correct grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling, and conventions in business marketing communications.

The aim of having the correct grammar is to ensure what’s written is properly understood. A sentence which has grammatical mistakes can be difficult to learn and can cause misunderstandings. It’s important to use appropriate sentence structure whether writing or talking to connect effectively to help people get a better understanding and to communicate your communication more exactly and obviously.

It is important to use the right sentence structure in business communications, which means that your writing has variant and isn’t all the same. Using a variety of sentence types can help emphasize different factors and ideas. A good sentence structure allows the communication to be interpreted whereas a poor sentence structure can be misinterpreted correctly.

It is essential to use the right punctuation to allow the communication to be readable and easy to comprehend. Punctuation is used in writing to split up sentences and clarify meaning. One in punctuation can communicate an inaccurate meaning to the main one intended. It is important to use appropriate spelling in business marketing communications as standardizing spelling makes it a great deal clearer to understand the text. Incorrect spelling can lead to confusion, errors being made, and communications being misinterpreted.

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One misspelled phrase can change the entire meaning of the sentence providing the reader the incorrect message or impression. It is important to use conventions in business communications to ensure the writing is in an easier format which the audience will be comfortable with. Conventions are the spelling, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, and paragraphing making writing more understandable. This enhances the readability for the audience to allow them to fluently read the communication and never have to stop and try to figure out that which was actually intended. The usage of proper sentence structure and vocabulary is suitable in business documents, such as email messages and characters, as it is important in an operating environment to form a specialist reputable relationship with customers and co-workers.

Explain the importance of using appropriate body language and tone of voice when communicating verbally. A big part of face-to-face communication is made up of non-verbal information and is expressed by body language and modulation of voice. The tone of your voice includes the quantity which you speak, the type of emotion you use, and the emphasis placed on the expressed words you use.

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