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Clinique is one of my favorite high-end skincare and makeup brands.I have a long background with this brand! Depending on what you’re buying Clinique can be considered a little pricey, but for the most part I’ve been able to save money with Clinique lately sending a few products and discount/rewards at Ulta. All the Clinique Links below is from Ulta’s website. I recall using a few of my mama’s Clinique products when I had been a teenager.

I may have even snuck some of my mom’s Clinique skincare products when I went off to college lol. The skincare products below in asterisks were sent to me from Clinique aside from one of the towelettes. In talking about the towelettes, they’re excellent to use to remove makeup or even to refresh your face.

These will be good to use through the Summer. I also like these towelettes don’t leave my face feeling dried out. 14.50), but they’re worthwhile. I absolutely love the makeup remover! If you use liquid lipstick or lipstick that stains this will makeup remover will take it off easily.

I’ve been using the examples of the hydrating jelly and my pores and skin seems so hydrated. I’m pleased this product lives up to it’s promises. You can use this before you put on your makeup, this during the night or in the morning when I purify my face but I typically like to use.

In my opinion to have perfect makeup you ought to have a skincare program. Using a good cleanser helps decrease essential oil and bacteria. I have combination skin usually, but I think it’s good to have all clarifying lotions. When my skin is greasy, the cleanser reduces oil without making my skin feel dried out. When my pores and skin is dry the cleanser replenishes hydration.

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A few months ago I used to be looking for a few new foundations and makeup powders to try. AFTER I visited Ulta, I requested a few samples for two different Clinique foundations. About a week After using each basis sample for, I returned to get the full-size containers. I really like how Clinique’s foundation feels and looks natural on my face. Since it’s already hot and humid here, these light-weight foundations shall be good to using through the Summer months.

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