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Happy New Year’s Eve! Some of my friends and I have buzz in 2011! It’s hard to believe that I’ve already completed three semesters, and if I graduate on time, have only five semesters remaining. WHERE has this time around eliminated? I decided it wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without New Year’s Resolutions, therefore I made myself sit back and come up with a list. However, whenever I make resolutions, they may be always so generic and I recall them nor do I stick to them never. In just six short days, my pal Sarah and I are traveling to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida to perform in the Disney World half marathon. That’s not all we are doing.

Sarah hasn’t been to Disney World before, so I will present her to the magic that is Disney World. The recreation area we are most worked up about? Yes, we are Harry Potter nerds. I completed the Austin fifty percent marathon last year, and it was my first ever half marathon. That marathon must have really been fun because since I have been working constantly then! And believe me when I let you know I had was probably running’s most anti-fan. I just did not enjoy it and did not know how people could run kilometers and kilometers for FUN. I guess our preferences really do change as we get old!

  • 3 Tbsp Hemp Seeds
  • Sharing Buttons
  • Not Myself Tonight (Laidback Luke Mixshow Edit) (Christina Aguilera)
  • A sedentary alarm reminds you whenever you are inactive for more than an hour
  • Tetley Green Tea
  • Master A Proper Push-Up

Segway tour, water bikes, slacklining, Enchanted Rock — there are just so many things to do! Sarah, Sarah, and I after a great day of kayaking! Day Enter the term every! God gave us one book – it must be fairly important just! My roommate’s and my room last year during finals!

I say this every single on but.Eat smart and find new, fun ways to exercise! I do not want to state “lose weight,” like three-fourths of individuals in this world, because slimming down is not my main concern. I love working and I truly enjoy eating healthy foods out.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy treating myself every occasionally. I don’t ever want healthy eating and working out to become a chore, where I must force myself to work out and become completely disappointed while doing it. I want to continue to love it and inspire other people to live a wholesome lifestyle as well! I think this one talks for itself! Hope you have fun discovering your New Year’s resolutions – which you actually stick to them! Easier in theory for sure!

The violin is not designed to be played alone except regarding advanced and gifted players. When you have gained confidence from your sessions with a pianist, it’s time to join an amateur orchestra. That is great fun so that as violins are put into first and second violins you can join the second violins who play a lower part which is simpler for you. The conductor is likely to be sympathetic as string players are always needed. They may be much harder to find than wind players. Be confident and have a go Just. Learn a bit piece by piece. You will be surprised how things improve as you practice.

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