Muda Agricultural Development Authority (MADA). It programs, promotes, and coordinates social and financial development in the Muda area, which is one of the main rice growing regions in Malaysia. Established in 1970, MADA carries out its functions through its Engineering and Agricultural Divisions mainly. The Engineering Division is concerned with the maintenance and operation of the Muda River Irrigation Project. The Agricultural Division concentrates its efforts on providing advisory and extension services to the farmers and the implementation of socio­economic projects in the Muda area.

If which makes me selfish or racist or whatever, so be it. I phone calls ’em like I see ’em. What about Arabs in Airports? Our forefathers passed guidelines and do not require ever strolled right in and made themselves at home. One of the first things they did was to learn English.

Ever heard of Ellis Island? Know anything about this? Nancy Nich: Your forefathers were immigrants too, escaping a repressed Europe. Read your background before you make assumptions. They would ask if you are offering free tacos and refried beans at Costco away. Seriously, it is an over-all atmosphere of fear.

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The media is NOT portraying regulations accurately. They were giving info that was out of date, using soundbites from politicians and ‘activists’, instead of legal scholars and such who analyze the law and present remarks actually. They want controversy for ratings not provide useful info. Which subsequently added fear to the unlawful immigrants who’s attempting to produce a living.

I don’t like the way certain groupings are trying to take benefit of the problem, but I assume that is the way life will go. 4:00 each day often and hear something within my front door so I peek out and it’s someone quickly and almost furtively slipping adverts on the doorknob or in the door and off each goes.

9-1-1 now when they see someone who looks dark brown and walking outside? Just a couple times back, a major drug ring was broken up and 39 Mexican cartel operatives suspected of running 40,000 pounds of cannabis through southern Arizona were indicted. This is simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Arizona’s medication border and trafficking violence problem. Narcotics prosecutions in Arizona have risen 202% in 16 months, however, according to the Transactional Records Access Clearing House, there will be 1, this season in Tucson alone 080 prosecutions refused.

This represents over one-third of most prosecuted cases in the Southwest. Until January of 2009, any smugglers holding under the threshold of 500 pounds were often not prosecuted – a fact that smugglers understood all too well! When she offered as Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano delivered countless requests to Washington to take action in securing our border.

Now, as Secretary of Homeland Security, she promises that the border is “as secure as it has ever been now. ” That’s the nagging problem. Our border wasn’t secure when she was governor and it’s not secure now. We’re not buying, “The functional system worked.” By turning a blind eye, Secretary Napolitano is betraying us in her home state.

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