Why Beauty Pageants OUGHT TO BE Avoided For Your GIRLS

When you have a beautiful little girl, it can be tempting to sign her up for a beauty pageant here and there. What’s the harm, right? Sure, not everyone is as seemingly awful as people on “Toddlers and Tiaras,” but reality isn’t too much off. There are a few things you should seriously consider before signing up your child in one of these occasions.

Exorbitant Expenses-Manicures, aerosol tans, and locks extensions can get expensive. Every weekend Imagine how much those things can cost if your child needs them? Catty Competition-Extra curricular activities should be fun for kids, and offer them opportunities to socialize, get some exercise and learn a plain thing or two. In the pageant world Unfortunately, a few too many moms “target their child’s biggest competitor with gossip and criticism. ” More often than not, the unsuspecting kids are disqualified because of their parents’ bad behavior.

  • Serums All the Way
  • Last but not the least; a healthy diet is crucial for good skin
  • Take care of the food
  • Add fresh buttermilk and sensitive coconut water to your to-drink list
  • Wash your skin layer with lukewarm drinking water and pat dried out
  • Ice on pimple: 1 minute or more

Super Sexualization-There’s not such a thin series between a cute little girl and a kid who is outfitted much too maturely on her behalf age. Yet, many parents seem to cross that line when they enroll their daughters in these pageants. Predator Potential-Of course, while much of the pageant audience is made up of parents, other competitors, and judges, there is certainly usually the concern that people with other intentions can attend the events. Therefore the next time your child is too sweet to take care of just, capture as soon as on video and talk about it with friends. Spare her the dark side of the pageant world.

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