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Focus on Energy, Wisconsin utilities’ statewide program for energy efficiency and green energy, is currently acknowledging applications from businesses that are looking to fund energy project supervisor positions. “Businesses often forget the value of having an employee person or a consultant who’s solely centered on energy-saving tasks,” said Ken Williams, Focus on Energy’s business programs director.

“However, many companies can recoup this consultant’s or worker pay often over credited to unexploited energy savings opportunities. Indeed, Focus has discovered that having a worker or consultant who oversees energy efficiency and/or renewable energy projects makes a business much more likely to reap significant energy and cost savings. For example, the town of Fennimore received a Focus staffing grant this year 2010 and it is benefiting from the power and dollar cost savings in part because of its energy project supervisor. “It was a great learning chance of our staff and allowed us to raise understand our energy use,” said Margaret Sprague, City Clerk Treasurer. 40,000. Grants can be used to cover the salary and benefits of a full- or part-time employee or expert. Partnering or neighboring companies should send a joint software and share a worker or consultant between the businesses.

That way, you can decide which one is most effective for your real estate marketing eventually. Advertise on the social network. Paid advertisements on Facebook offer another real property marketing opportunity for agents. Creating text or display advertisements on the webpage can bolster your brand consciousness and get more Facebook users to find their way to your real estate website.

Much of agents’ referral traffic originates from Facebook, so adding this marketing coating to the website may help you entice more users to look at the listings on your site. Share images and videos of your business, including listings. Make sure to label customers in photos to allow them to share your post with others on the News Feeds, making the most of your Facebook profile’s exposure thus. And you can kill two birds with one stone – ever since Facebook bought Instagram, it’s turn into a cinch to create Instagram photos and videos to Facebook.

Build your audience to maximize your presence further. If you will inform your family likely, friends, co-workers, and peers about your Facebook presence, you can better ensure they follow and like your page utilizing the “Build Audience” feature. This enables you to transfer contacts from your email and promote your Facebook profile easily.

You’ll also want to identify those not already in your individual network and touch base and let them know about your new page, including local real property organizations and organizations and other real estate benefits in your area. So, when fans and followers like your content or engage with it, reach to them and start a discussion away. These connections are the lifeline for your page’s success.

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Attract previous clients to your ‘Reviews’ section. Positive real property reviews help you leverage customer satisfaction to create trust with leads and convert them into clients and are also very helpful for SEO visibility. As the ability is had by any client to create in this section, take care of your brand’s image by requesting reviews from former clients proactively. If they’ve already chosen to do one on Yelp or elsewhere, ask if they’d write a few words and present you with a rating so your followers have a sense of their impression with your services. Then, make sure this section is shown high on your web page (see below about the section setting).

If you post a genuine uploaded photo or visual to Facebook, or if you’re tagged in someone’s picture, these will be added to your Photos tabs automatically. But, creating albums that focus on your services, entries, or surrounding community can also help keep users engaged on your web page. Then, add descriptions to people’s photos. Many people don’t realize that adding explanations and links to posts can help increase their being found in Facebook Graph Search, and get users to click on through to your internet site. Additionally, if you’re creating an album, use key phrases in both the description and name of the record, and geotag the location as well.

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