Beauty And Elegance

Love is at the environment today, as Kate and William celebrated their big day. Kate was a vision of beauty today – she was absolutely ‘Stunning’ in her wedding gown, which was the essence of elegance and class. The lace detail was spectacular and I loved seeing how she brought the expression ‘Simplicity is Elegance’ alive.

Nothing was over the top tacky – her makeup was flawless and natural, her hair was wavy and moving and her natural elegance and elegance was never forced or over the very best – Kate IS a true Royal! Its true that a wedding is usually about the bride-to-be, but I have to say that William looked good-looking and uber distinguished and deserves some recognition today as well! Congratulations for you both!

Okay – now on to what eveyone has been discussing – that stunning, beautiful bridal dress designed by Sarah Burton for the home of Alexander McQueen. One of the things which i admire about classy women is their ability to continually prove that simplicity is elegance – Kate has that girl nearby look combined with an authentic intellect and sophisticated charm. I ‘adored’ the lace details on Kate’s dress.

To be honest, I’m a lover of long sleeved wedding dresses with a pure sleeve or lace sleeve – I believe that thanks to Kate, many future brides shall be adding this details with their dresses! I adored Kate’s hair and makeup look. Personally, i appreciate when brides keep their locks down with long, loose waves – it looks so elegant and intimate!

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I was reading about Kate’s makeup look to see if anyone submitted anything about who do her makeup or what colors were used. Its been rumoured that Kate had makeup lessons prior to the wedding date, so that she could do her own makeup and look fresh and natural. She did the exact same thing on her behalf engagement photos – she apparently had her makup done, didn’t like it and re-did it so that she’d look more natural. I really like that she feels more comfortable being herself – its part of her regal charm and sense of elegance.

Brothers Grimm almost obsessively attempted to find mythological root base in every fairy tales, looking to prove the lifetime of common myth which is a predecessor of most stories (fairy tales included) in the world. They have spent a great deal of time for connecting The Sleeping Beauty with Brynhild before they decided to include it in their collection and The Goose Girl is no exception.

They found a fascinating mythological character of Central Europe. She actually is called Perchta (Berchta, Bertha) and was an important goddess in paganism of The Alps. Perchta is present in old stories in the area of today’s Germany still, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. She is portrayed in various forms, mainly as a lovely white lady and as an old wrinkled granny.

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