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Consumers are inundated with technology, which includes information on proper skin care. Carolyn Ash is trying to obtain all the hype and give consumers simple tools for healthy skin care. “Caring for your skin is absolutely very simple. It’s marketing and advertising that tend to complicate the procedure,” says the 54-year-old skin care veteran, whose always makeup-less epidermis is perfect. “I graduated from skin care college in 1985. Unfortunately, then back, they weren’t teaching us much in college. It was incumbent upon me to study on my own to discover the real workings of the skin as well as how to care for it.

Ash opened up her first Carolyn Ash Skin Care salon in Dallas, Texas in 1994 after working for The Spa at the Crescent (also in Dallas) for over seven years. It had been in the Spa that Carolyn uncovered she had a unique talent to connect seemingly complicated ideas about health and skin care into easy-to-understand steps and procedures.

She also discovered how to proceed and what never to do to perform a successful business. “I always knew I wanted to have my very own business. I like having total control areas of how my office works. This way I can make sure the customer is getting the very best service possible.

Not too long ago a client came in for a facial and was telling me in regards to a spa she has been to lately. ‘I felt like I was just a quantity there,’ she said. It really is a very personalized service offered by Ash’s salons. They aren’t big spas; they are comfortable environments that are creating to be with your client one-on-one.

If you are interested in great epidermis and an abundance of skin-care advice, Carolyn Ash Skin Care is the spot to go. Ash turned her passion for skin care and education into a popular first book entitled Timeless Skin: Healthy Skin for a Lifetime (2000). Her writing attempts have become her notoriety in Dallas, Chicago, and in her current hometown, Boulder, Colorado.

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After being found out through the publicity from Timeless Skin, Carolyn Ash has loved educating people from coast to coast. She’s been hired as a public speaker for various skin care companies and has traveled around to salons, assisting to educate employees on the Carolyn Ash facial technique. “What I love about presenting and public speaking is achieving a lot of individuals at once versus one individual at a time-in a cosmetic for instance. Carolyn has written for national publications such as Natural Health Magazine and American Baby Magazine.

She has also been presented on TV, morning hours shows whether on local, or nationwide programs like The Iyanla Show. In 2004, Ash published a 2nd book: Skin Care from A to Z. This second work explores the reader’s email questions along with case studies of clients from her salons. “My books are what I term evergreen. The mission at Carolyn Ash Skin Care is to provide helpful and honest information for attaining clear and healthy skin-for a lifetime, whether to a client in one of her salons or a person ordering products by mail. Ash expresses, “In the event that you don’t have clear pores and skin, it will require diligence and discipline to attain it. But clear and healthy skin is completely possible-for everyone.

I recommend Maelove to everyone who asks me for suggestions for a new everyday go-to product because it works for everyone epidermis types and doesn’t cost much, but skin care is also a notoriously subjective experience. What works for me may not work for you – a good skin care line built to focus on every type of skin. Luckily, Maelove has a 100-day, 100% money-back promise, so you are not risking much if you would like to provide it a try yourself.

For daytime, I think that mixing is necessary to balance the exact level of dampness with the quantity of residue you’re comfortable with. This combination results in a lightly emollient, soothing gel. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum: A longtime favorite of mine, the product has become a daytime must-have for me personally. It traps the somewhat slippery and greasy early levels of my regular under a blanket of smooth, silicone goodness.

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