Marketing Your Own Perfume

Do you understand why we used this picture of a dog to illustrate this informative article? Reveal why you think we do, and we’ll give the dog a cookie. Social networking is a terrific marketing tool. But it’s an instrument that can be hard to obtain a grip on. If you’re reading this because you believe social media could help your case, but you aren’t currently deploying social mass media to support your brand, let’s review some of the conditions that might be keeping you back again.

1 — “Social media” is as broad a category as “print”, “radio”, “TV”, or “direct mail.” Within the “social media” category, new platforms regularly are being launched. Some older platforms are falling out of favor, while others have observed a dramatic demographic shift. As the use of social press is free presently, you can forget that you are acting in the role of the press buyer when you decide on the systems you want to address. You make your selections the same way any media buyer would.

Your goal is to maximize return on investment. You are concerned with the demographics of the system, the reach of the platform, and what the price to you will be. 2 — Exactly what will it cost one to use free social media? If you promote only using your own social media assets, the cost is nothing more than the right hard work you put into discussions with your fans.

But social media marketing has become much more than a conversation with your personal followers, however large their quantities may be. Global brands, for all their money, power, and name recognition, have turned to freelance “social media influencers” for help in marketing their products. Brands pay cash for these services.

Because these freewheeling small children do a better job at promoting. You may find yourself to paying for these services. 3 — Social media marketing influencers — These are the handful of generally teenagers who, through their social media conversations, are suffering from large followings of loyal devotees whose buying decisions can be influenced through these conversations. If you do decide to go this path, it is wise to check on the tiniest possible (but practical) scale. But at times you merely have to pick a starting point and go forward, learning by experience and getting burned just a little in the process perhaps. If you are the marketer of your own perfume, it is likely that you’ll want to make some use of social media.

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